Belgian (Non-Apple) Keyboard Layout


This is a Mac OS X keyboard layout for ‘standard’ Belgian The international keyboard layout (as opposed to the Apple-specific one) The main difference is that signs such as @ and # are accessed using AltGr.



  • Place the Belgian (Non-Apple).keylayout file ( or Belgian (IBM).keylayout if you have an IBM-compatible keyboard) in /Library/Keyboard Layouts or /Users/<username>/Library/Keyboard Layouts
  • Log out and back in
  • From the Input Menu International preference pane, select the layout called Belgian (Non-Apple)

Making it the default seems to be tricky: the keyboard sometimes seems to jump back to the default layout. Disabling the default keyboard seems impossible since the checkbox is greyed out and unaccessible. I still haven’t found how to solve this, so I just move the whole Roman.bundle out of the System library and put it where Mac OS can’t find it.


  • Make some kind of icon for it, preferably different than the default Belgian flag from Mac OS X.


Thanks to Daniel Szmulewicz for providing the IBM keyboard layout.