My Nanoc Blog Skeleton


This repository contains the skeleton and code for my nanoc-based blog, hosted at More information about this code can be found in my blog post.



The Ruby gem bundler is used to manage the dependencies of the site on other Gems. After installing the bundler gem, run

bundle install

To install all required gems.

If you want to deploy to Amazon S3 (using the deploy_aws task), you also need s3cmd.


  • Compiling the site: nanoc compile
  • Viewing (start a local webserver): nanoc view
  • Checking: nanoc check --deploy
  • Deploying: nanoc deploy


  • The layouts are written in HAML, which is a bit harder to understand at first. If you want to see how the site looked like using ERB, there is a Git tag ‘erb’ with an (earlier) ERB version of the site.