Mimicking Jaiku with Psi

The day before yesterday, Peter Saint-Andre sent out a couple of Jaiku invites to all Jabber Google Summer of Code students and their mentors, including me. Never having looked at microblogging before, I toyed around with it a bit, and it quickly reminded me that I still had something on my Psi wish-list for a while now: a flat, live log of all Jabber events in your network. Since I had a long weekend, I quickly coded up a prototype, and hooked it into Psi.

The result looks a bit like this:

If you know Jaiku, you’ll probably notice that this looks very similar to the Jaiku web interface. Besides status messages, there are all kinds of (extended) presence events from your contacts, such as the currently playing tune or his/her current mood. Groupchat (‘channel’ in Jaiku) and directed messages are interleaved with the events, and get a hyperlink which, when clicked, opens up the corresponding groupchat or chat dialog. This type of event log allows you to have a good overview of everything that is happening in your Jabber network. And if your log gets cluttered with groupchat events, you can always disable groupchat events (or any other type of event) at the top of the dialog, with a more compact log as a result. Finally, just as with the Jaiku Jabber bot, you can quickly reply to the last event from a certain user at the bottom of the dialog. 

When will this prototype be production-ready, you ask? Well, I’m actually not planning to invest any more time in it in the near future. The reason is that Aleksey Palazchenko (aka AlekSi) will create a brand new history system for Psi for his Google Summer of Code project. I'm pretty sure his new history system will enable us to get a global live history of events, together with filtering based on type. And if we still need some extra functionality, we could always create a plugin.

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