Nicks and Pics

Since the beta2 release of Psi a few days ago, some new stuff has hit our development branch. First of all, Psi now has support for avatars. These can be set and displayed using the (current version of the) PEP-based JEP-84 (User Avatar), and there is read-only support of the historical JEP-153 (vCard-based Avatars), supported by such clients as Google Talk, iChat, and the Py* transports. Secondly, the remote controlling interface of Psi has been extended with forwarding of unread messages (thanks to Norman Rasmussen). And finally, events coming from unlisted contacts (such as subscriptions or messages) now include the nickname of the contact through JEP-172 (User Nickname). A consequence of this is that mass-adds from gateways will go a lot smoother. And now we’re really stopping this feature frenzy, we promise !

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Remko Tronçon

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