Crystal iconsets for Psi


These are a set of iconsets for Psi, based on the Crystal SVG iconset by Everaldo Coelho. Many thanks to him for creating these beautiful icons.



To build the iconsets, just type:


This should build all the iconsets, and create the JISPs in the current directory.


To use the iconsets under Psi, it suffices to copy the .jisp files into the right directory. Put the system iconset in PSIDIR/iconsets/system, and the other iconsets in PSIDIR/iconsets/roster. Alternatively, under Linux and Mac OS X you can put them in ~/.psi/iconsets/roster and ~/.psi/iconsets/system for convenience. Then, assign the iconsets in the Options dialog of Psi:

  • Select Crystal (System) as the system iconset
  • Select Crystal (Roster) as default roster iconset
  • From the Services tab of the roster iconsets, choose Crystal (Transport) as the Default
  • Optionally assign other transport iconsets to the transports