Retjilp: Native Auto-retweet bot


Retjilp logs into your account, scans all the tweets from your following list or another defined list for a set of matching words, and retweets the ones that match (using the native retweet API).



To install the script, run

gem install retjilp


To use this script, you will need to have registered an application with https://dev.twitter.com/apps to get a consumer key and secret, and fill these values in a file config in the .retjilp dir in your homedir (i.e. ~/retjilp). The config file should have the following content:

     * Consumer key and secret.
     * Get this by registering a new (desktop) application at 
     * http://twitter.com/apps
    "consumer_key": "abcdeFghIjklMnOpQrStUv",
    "consumer_secret": "abcdefgh123456789abcdefgh123456789abcdefg",

     * The strings that a tweet should be matched against.
     * These strings are matched in lower case.
    "match": ["#sometag", "#someothertag", "someword"]

     * List name from which statuses are retweeted.
     * Set this config value if you want to retweet only from 
     * this list instead of your following list.
    /* "retweet_from_list": "auto-retweet" */

To start the script, run


To get a list of command-line parameters, use the --help option.

The first time the script is run, it will ask you to authorize the application in your Twitter account. After this is done, the script will automatically log in the next time it is run.