Trying out Git

Going Agile with Google Summer of Code

PsiCon 2008 @ San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Mimicking Jaiku with Psi

Improving Psi's roster

Introducing Greem

Testing Psi

Customizable XEP-0076 implementation

Revamped account dialogs

vCard-based Extended Presence Plugin

Stream Compression for Psi

XMPP 1.0


Running aMUCk

Remote Controlling Psi

Libjingle for Mac OS X

Nicks and Pics

Standards and Features

Chat States

Personal Eventing Protocol

Simplified Personal Publish-Subscribe

TuneController released

Entity Capabilities

Cutie(s) galore with the power of four

Privacy, don't we all want it ?


Psi Subversion repository

Receiving Google Talk files with libjingle

Stellar3: The next generation Psi iconset

XMPP1 now in Psi mainline