TwitCoop: A Desktop Cage for Twitter Mobile Web


A standalone application to access the Twitter Mobile Web interface.

Update: The mobile Twitter website was updated, and doesn’t work anymore with TwitCoop. I was not able to easily fix this, and no longer have the time or need for it, so this project is therefore abandoned.
An alternative on Mac OS X is to use FluidApp and use an iOS iPhone user agent, which has the same effect that this application used to have.

Features include:

  • Compact
  • Provides an “official”, consistent Twitter interface
  • Automatically refreshes when new tweets are available (with a higher refresh rate than the default mobile web interface)
  • Opens external (i.e. non-Twitter) links in your preferred web browser
  • Allows you to hide the Tweet box, when screen real estate is a problem (e.g. on netbooks)
  • Allows you to customize the zoom level
  • Automatically logs you into your previous Twitter session on startup
  • Supports “kinetic scrolling”
  • Works on Windows and Linux



To build, run:

make (or nmake on Windows)